"Where do you want to be five years from now? Find a company to grow with."
–Girlfriend advice

Girlfriend: You met him walking down the street, I'm not surprised.
(When I told her how I met my guy)
@ naked lunch
me: hi, what's your name?
guy: ken
me: sheila
guy: that only took three months.
"People take pride in not giving a fuck but in reality that’s nothing to be proud of.
Find balance between caring and letting go."
via kushandwizdom

i heart this brand. we need a store in SF!
"Whenever I see a skateboard kid, I know that kid's going to be alright."
–Jerry Seinfeld, comedians in cars getting coffee, with Chris Rock

three good things:
Wye Oak at the independent tonight.
drinks tomorrow with my most fashionable ladies.
i think i'm in love.

SF 4, MIL 2